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Curt Hansen - chess player

Playing the German Bundesliga in 2006
Full name Curt Hansen
Country Denmark
Born September 18, 1964
Southern Jutland, Denmark
Title Grandmaster (1985)
ICCF Grandmaster
Peak rating 2635 (July 1992)

Curt Hansen (born September 18, 1964 in Bov, Sønderjylland) is a Danish chess Grandmaster and a former World Junior Champion.

Chess biography

A strong junior player, he had major successes in international youth competitions, commencing with the then Groningen based European Junior Chess Championship, where he finished first in 1982 and second in 1983. The following year, he became the World Junior Champion in Kiljava, ahead of Alexei Dreev and was awarded the International Master title. In 1985, he became a Grandmaster after earning the necessary norms.

In domestic chess, he succeeded Bent Larsen as Denmark's strongest player and between 1983-2000, won the Danish Championship six times. By 1992, his rating had reached the 2600 mark and later the same year rose to 2635, giving him his best ever ranking amongst the World's best players - a share of 14th place on the FIDE list.

Hansen has represented his country five times at the Olympiad between 1984-2000, always playing first board and always scoring in excess of 50%.

His list of International tournament successes includes outright or shared first places at Borgarnes 1984, Vejstrup 1989 (Politiken Cup), Groningen 1991, Tastrup 1992, Aalborg 1994, Vejle 1994, Malmö 1994 and Reykjavík Zonal 1995.

As of the November 2009 FIDE list, he had an Elo rating of 2619, making him Denmark's second-ranking player, although he has rarely played since 2006.