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Cécile Haussernot

Full name Cécile Haussernot
Country France
Born October 1998 (age 17)
Title Woman FIDE Master

Cécile Haussernot (born October 1998) is a French chess player and is four times French Youth Champion: U-8 Girls 2006, U-10 Girls 2007, U-14 Girls 2011 and U-16 Girls 2013. She became also French Vice-Champion U-16 Girls in 2009 and 3rd in the U-12 Boys category at the 2010 French championships.

Haussernot has won two European girls' championships. In 2007 she won the U-10 Girls' section at Šibenik, Croatia with 7.5/9 points and in 2009 she won the U-12 Girls' section at Fermo, Italy. She also got the Bronze medal in the U-12 Girls category at Batumi (Georgia) in 2010.

She also finished 4th at the World Youth Championships in the Girls U-10 in 2008 (Vung Tau, Vietnam).

Haussernot learned how to move the pieces at the age of five, and was invited to play on her club's team at the age of six and then learned the basics.

Haussernot won the Woman FIDE Master (WFM) title in 2007 and holds a rating of 2177 on the September 2015 list. She plays in the chess club at Montpellier.