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Bogdan Lalić

Bogdan Lalic, 2009
Full name Bogdan Lalić
Country Croatia
Born 8 March 1964
Title Grandmaster
Peak rating 2600 (1997)

Bogdan Lalic (born 8 March 1964) is a Croatian chess grandmaster. He was born in the former Yugoslavia in 1964. FIDE awarded him the International Grandmaster title in 1988. He finished equal first at the Pleven 1987 and Sarajevo 1988 tournaments. Although registered with the Croatian Federation, he divides his time between playing abroad and making frequent visits to England. He was once married to International Master Susan Lalic, England's first woman to hold the IM title, but they are now divorced. Together, they have a son, Peter Lalić, born 1994.

As of March 2011, his FIDE rating is 2474. His highest rating was 2600 in 1997.