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Alexander Moroz - chess player

Full name Олександр Мороз
Country Ukraine
Born 18 January 1961
Dnipropetrovsk, Soviet Union
Title Grandmaster

Alexander Moroz (Ukrainian: Олександр Мороз; Russian: Александр Мороз; 18 January 1961, Dnipropetrovsk - 17 January 2009) was a Ukrainian chess Grandmaster (1999). He was vice-president of the Ukrainian chess federation, president of the chess federation of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast and chairman of the youth committee of the Ukrainian chess federation as well as International Arbiter.

His best single performance was at Momotov mem Yenakiieve, 1997, where he scored 8.5 of 13 points. Other successful results include equal 1st with Ashot Nadanian at Częstochowa Open 1992, 2nd behind Sergei Movsesian at Pardubice 1995, 1st at Marhanets 1999, and 3rd at Alushta Summer 2006.

Notable games