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Adolf Zytogorski

Country Poland, England
Born c. 1806

Adolf Żytogórski (Adolph Zytogorski) (c. 1806 - 27 February 1882) was a Polish-British chess master.

Chess biography

Born in Poland, Zytogorski was a political refugee after the collapse of the Polish-Russian War in 1830-31 (November Uprising). He emigrated to England. In 1843 he played a match with Howard Staunton, receiving pawn and two moves, and won six games right off the reel. Zytogorski was befriended by the late Robert Brien, who succeeded Staunton as an editor of The Chronicle in 1854-56; and Brien, after his quarrel with Staunton, published for the first time the particulars of the above match. Zytogorski won a match against Franciscus Janssens (6:4) in 1854, took second behind Ernst Falkbeer and ahead of Brien in 1855 (Triangular), and lost to Valentine Green (7:8) in 1856 (Zytogorski gave odds of pawn and move).

He won at London 1855 (Kling's Coffee House), played in semifinals at London 1856 (McDonnell Chess Club), and lost to Ignaz von Kolisch at Cambridge 1860 (semifinal).

Zytogorski died at age 75 in The German Hospital, Dalston, London.