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Aarne Hermlin

Country Soviet Union
Born June 6, 1940
Võru, Estonia

Aarne Hermlin (6 Juny 1940, Võru, Estonia - 17 November 2007, Salo) was an Estonian chess player who won the Estonian Chess Championship. He was a FIDE master and an International Correspondence Chess Master, which he was awarded in 1986.


In 1958 Aarne Hermlin graduated from secondary school in Jõgeva. He started playing chess under the influence of his father Kaarel Hermlin (1905-1960), who was a chess coach in Jõgeva. In 1956 and 1957 Aarne Hermlin twice won Estonian junior chess championship. In 1968 he shared 2nd place in the Baltic Chess Championship. In 1975 he shared 1st place with Viktor Kupreichik at a strong chess tournament in Pärnu. He won the gold medal at the Estonian Chess Championships in 1968, silver in 1981 and bronze twice, in 1965 and 1984. He was also an active correspondence chess player, becoming an international master ICCF. He died during a chess tournament in Finland in 2007.