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World Computer Speed Chess Championship

World Computer Speed Chess Championship is an annual event where computer chess engines compete against each other at blitz chess time controls. It is held in conjunction with the World Computer Chess Championship. Up to 2001, it was held in conjunction with the World Microcomputer Chess Championships and restricted to microcomputers.

Championship results

Event # Year Location Winner
1995 Paderborn, Germany The King
1996 Jakarta, Indonesia Ferret
1997 Paris, France Ferret
2000 London, England Fritz
2001 Maastricht, Netherlands Goliath
10 2002 Maastricht, Netherlands Shredder
11 2003 Graz, Austria Shredder
12 2004 Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel Shredder
13 2005 Reykjavík, Iceland Shredder
14 2006 Torino, Italy Ikarus
15 2007 Amsterdam, Netherlands Shredder
16 2008 Beijing, China Sjeng
17 2009 Pamplona, Spain Shredder
18 2010 Kanazawa, Japan Jonny and Shredder
19 2011 Tilburg, Netherlands Jonny
20 2013 Yokohama, Japan Shredder
21 2015 Leiden, Netherlands Komodo