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Developer(s) Reinhard Scharnagl
Stable release MS-176b / December 29, 2009
Operating system Windows
Type Computer chess
License Shareware/Donationware

SMIRF (an acronym for Strategiespielprogramm mit intelligent rückkoppelnden Funktionen) is a Windows chess game. It implements an appropriate innovative variant of an adaptive recursive feedback algorithm. The procedure cuts the to-be-evaluated search tree effectively both in depth and in width. Creating an optimally efficient chess engine is a touchstone of artificial intelligence research. Thus, this approach is associated with artificial intelligence. The creation of such software is a goal of the SMIRF project.

Chess variants

All 960 variants upon the 8x8 board using FRC pieces and the select 12,000+ variants upon the 10x8 board using CRC pieces are supported.

Provided games upon the 8x8 board

Provided games upon the 10x8 board

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