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Julian Pottage

Julian Y. Pottage (born 1962) is a British contract bridge player, writer and teacher, who studied mathematics at Trinity College Cambridge. He is also well known as a collector of bridge problems, and writes a monthly problem column in Britain's Bridge Magazine. He has written or co-authored 26 books on bridge, including Bridge Problems for a New Millennium and The Extra Edge In Play with Terence Reese (1913-1996). He also co-edited the recent second edition of Clyde E. Love's Bridge Squeezes Complete. His book Play or Defend? won the International Bridge Press Association's 2004 Book of the Year Award. Pottage is from Basingstoke.

As a player, Pottage has participated in several national and international events, notably winning the Pachabo and Tollemache double in 1999. He lives in Wales in the United Kingdom.


Books created by Julian Pottage
Title Published Co-author
Art of Psychic Bidding, the 2003 Peter Burrows
Back through the Pack 2006
Bridge Behind Bars 2008 Nick Smith
Bridge Player's Companion, the 2006
Bridge Problems for a New Millennium 2001
Clues from the Bidding at Bridge 1990 2005
Defend or Declare 2012
Defend These Hands with Me 2006
Easy Guide to Defensive Signals at Bridge 2005
Extra Edge in Play at Bridge 1994 2005 Terence Reese
Golden Rules for Rubber Bridge Players, the  2005
Golden Rules of Competitive Auctions, the 2003 Marc Smith
Golden Rules of Constructive Bidding, the 2002 Marc Smith
Golden Rules of Declarer play, the 2001 Marc Smith
Golden Rules of Defence, the 2000 Marc Smith
Golden Rules of Opening Leads, the 2004
Great Deal of Bridge Problems, a 2007
Little Book of Bridge Secrets 2012
Masterpieces of Declarer Play 2001
Masterpieces of Defence 2002
More Hocus Pocus 2002 Erwin Brecher
Play or Defend 2003
Positive Declarer Play at Bridge 1986 2005 Terence Reese
Positive Defense at Bridge 1985 2005 Terence Reese
Why You still Lose at Bridge 2013
Win the Big Match 2004