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Drew Casen

Drew Ara Casen (born July 6, 1950) is an Armenian-American professional bridge player.

He is a native of Forest Hills and was raised in the Lenox Hills neighborhood of Farmingdale which abuts Bethpage State Park golf course, site of the 2002 and 2009 U.S. Open. Casen took full advantage of this and became a winning Long Island golf star in high school until a sports-related injury sidelined him. His paternal grandmother, Aznif Kazazian, had taught him card games in his early childhood, so he decided to develop his skills in this area so as to remain in competitive pursuits.

He is an accountant by formal training, his former careers being the budget director at NYU Medical School and options trading at the NY Stock Exchange. He is an all-around expert games player and has excelled in such games as bridge, poker, backgammon, golf, and bowling.

Casen is an American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) Grand Life Master and a World Bridge Federation (WBF) World International Master. He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.