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Mediterranean Chess Championship

Leading chess players from the Mediterranean Chess Association member nations, and invited guest participants, are allowed to play in the Mediterranean Chess Championship. The Mediterranean Chess Association was established at the 73rd FIDE Congress in Bled, Slovenia and registered with FIDE as an affiliated international chess organization.

There was no Mediterranean Chess Championship event held for 2010 or 2011.

Mediterranean Chess Champions

# Year City Men's Champion Women's Champion
1 2003 Beirut Spyrios Kapnisis (Greece) Silvia Collas (France)
2 2004 Antalya Mert Erdoğdu (Turkey) Elena Titova-Boric (Bosnia)
3 2005* Kemer Suat Atalık (Turkey) Ekaterina Atalık (Turkey)
4 2006* Cannes Suat Atalık (Turkey) Yelena Dembo (Greece)
5 2007 Sousse Darko Dorić (Croatia) Ljilja Drljevic (Montenegro)
6 2008* Antalya Ioannis Georgiadis (Greece) Jovana Vojinovic (Montenegro)
7 2009 Rijeka Ahmed Adly (Egypt) Anna-Maria Botsari (Greece)
8 2012* Beirut Jwan Bakr (Syria) Ekaterini Pavlidou (Greece)
9 2014 Chania Bassem Amin (Egypt) Mona Khaled (Egypt)
10 2015 Beirut Ahmed Adly (Egypt) Sophie Milliet (France)

*Note: Organized in the beginning of the following year.

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