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Aryan Tari

Aryan Tari at the 2015 World Rapid Chess Championship
Born 4 June 1999
Title International Master (Grandmaster-elect)
Peak rating 2521

Aryan Tari (born 4 June 1999) is a Norwegian chess player who is an International Master and the 2015 Norwegian Chess Champion. He has also fulfilled the requirements for the Grandmaster title which will be awarded at the next FIDE congress.

Tari is from Lierskogen near Drammen and is the child of Iranian immigrants. He has played chess since the age of five.

Tari won the Junior section of the Norwegian Chess Championship in 2012, qualifying him for the championship section in 2013. Following an eighth place in 2013 and a second place in 2014, Tari won the 2015 Championship. At age 16 he is the third youngest player to achieve this feat, after Simen Agdestein and Magnus Carlsen who won at age 15.

At the Open Norwegian Championship in Fagernes in March 2013, Tari finished in seventh place and scored a Grandmaster norm, the second youngest Norwegian player ever to do so.

Tari secured his second Grandmaster norm over nine rounds at the 2015 European Team Chess Championship in Reykjavik where he played Norway's third board and scored six points. A special FIDE clause for the continental team championships regards this as a 20-game norm which together with his norm from Fagernes and rating over 2500 is sufficient for the Grandmaster title. He will be Norway's 12th player to be awarded this title.

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