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Tim Bourke

Tim Bourke is an Australian bridge player and writer. He is internationally renowned as a collector and composer of bridge hands, or deals, having composed most of those in David Bird's "Abbot" series since 1996. He also owns one of the world's largest collections of English-language bridge books, magazines and memorabilia.

As a player, he has won nine Australian national titles.

He has a degree in mathematics and is an expert in the obscure computer programming language APL and has written extensive bridge odds-calculating routines in that language as well as many bridge-related formatting routines. He is widely regarded as one of the world's most fertile composers of original single-dummy bridge problems.

He has had published over 50 reports on Australian and Zone 7 Teams Championships Finals. His 2010 publication Bridge Books in English 1886 to 2010 - an annotated bibliography with co-author John Sugden contains over 700 pages of listings. Bourke is also assisting Anthony Moon in his multi-book project on bridge squeezes.

His joint project with Justin Corfield "the Art of Declarer Play" won the International Bridge Press Book of the Year award.

Bourke is an honorary member of IPBA for his work on providing journalists with material from the major championships around the world. He is married to Margi Bourke, a many-times International for Australia.


Bourke has also contributed articles to "The Bridge World", "Bridge Magazine", "Irish Bridge", "New Zealand Bridge" and, of course, to "Australian Bridge". He has provided articles to many Daily Bulletins of late, mostly as daily in a "Test Your Play" format.

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