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Tamejiro Suzuki

Tamejiro Suzuki
Full name Tamejiro Suzuki
Kanji 鈴木 為次郎
Born May 24, 1883
Kariya, Japan
Teacher Honinbo Shuei,
Iwasaki Kenzo
Rank 8 dan
Affiliation Nihon Ki-in,

Tamejiro Suzuki (鈴木 為次郎 Suzuki Tamejirō, May 24, 1883 - November 20, 1960) was a professional 8 dan Go player.


Suzuki was a pupil of Iwasaki Kenzo from 1894, and later studied under Honinbo Shuei. In 1909, Suzuki defeated Kensaku Segoe in a series of 6 matches, of which he lost 2, and was promoted to the rank of 4 dan in 1912. Although he joined the Nihon Ki-in when it was founded in 1924, he left to partake in the splinter groups: the Kiseisha and the Keiinsha. In addition, he joined the Hiseikai, a tournament group of five players, with the others being Chiyotaro Onoda, Kensaku Segoe, Dohei Takabe and Karigane Junichi. Suzuki obtained the rank of 8 dan in 1942.

Suzuki's most famous pupil was Minoru Kitani, though others he tutored include Dogen Handa, Goro Suzuki, Riichi Sekiyama, Toshihiro Shimamura and Masaharu Suzuki.