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Kensaku Segoe

Kensaku Segoe
Kanji 瀬越憲作
Born May 22, 1889
Rank 9 dan

Kensaku Segoe (瀬越 憲作 Segoe Kensaku, May 22, 1889 - July 27, 1972) was a professional Go player. (His surname is occasionally given as Segoshi, but that appears to be a misreading, even if attested by furigana in some books he authored.)


Segoe had Go Seigen, Utaro Hashimoto, and Cho Hunhyun as pupils. He also authored numerous books, such as his Tesuji Dictionary (with Go Seigen) and Go proverbs Illustrated. An internal quarrel in the Nihon Ki-in led to his becoming an isolated, if very much respected, figure. His participation in competition post-1945 was quite low.

He committed suicide on July 27, 1972, shortly after his pupil Cho Hunhyun returned to South Korea for military service.