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Satoshi Yuki

Satoshi Yuki
Full name Satoshi Yuki
Kanji 結城聡
Born 11 February 1972
Hyōgo, Japan
Teacher Sato Sunao
Turned pro 1984
Rank 9 dan
Affiliation Kansai Ki-in

Satoshi Yuki (結城聡 Yūki Satoshi, born 11 February 1972) is a Japanese professional Go player.


Yuki won the NHK Cup in 2010 for the second time in a row, becoming the third player after Eio Sakata and Norimoto Yoda to do such. He was selected as a representative of the Japanese team at the 16th Asian Games. In 2010, Yuki reached the final of the 22nd Asian TV Cup. He defeated Chen Yaoye in the first round and followed it by forcing Kang Dongyun into resignation. Yuki then lost to Kong Jie in the final by resignation. Yuki has represented Japan on the international stage and has beaten several players including Cho Hunhyun, Chang Hao, Gu Li, Lee Sedol and Ma Xiaochun. In November 2010, Yuki won his first major title, the Tengen. He swept title holder Keigo Yamashita in the finals. Yuki's title was the Kansai Ki-in's second major title in 29 years, coming a month after Hideyuki Sakai's Gosei title. Yuki participated in the RICOH Rengo Championship in 2011. He and his partner Ayumi Suzuki lost to O Meien and Xie Yimin. In April 2011, Yuki reached 1,000 career wins and broke the record for youngest to 1,000 wins by three years (Cho Chikun, 42).

Career record

Titles and runners-up

Title Wins Runners-up
Kisei 1 (2005)
Judan 1 (2013)
Tengen 1 (2010) 1 (2011)
Gosei 4 (1997, 2002, 2005, 2009)
Ryusei 1 (2005) 3 (2006, 2007, 2011)
NHK Cup 3 (2009, 2010, 2012) 1 (2007)
Shinjin-O 1 (1993) 1 (1990)
Kansai Ki-in Championship 5 (1996, 2006-2009) 1 (2010)
Kakusei 1 (2003)
Hayago Championship 1 (1995) 1 (1991)
JAL Super Hayago Championship 1 (2003)
Total 14 14
Asian TV Cup 1 (2010)
Total 0 1
Career total
Total 14 15