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Chen Zude

Chen Zude
Chinese Trad. 陳祖德 Simp. 陈祖德
Pinyin Chén Zǔdé
Born February 19, 1944
Shanghai China
Teacher Gu Shuiru and Liu Dihuai
Rank 9 dan
Affiliation Zhongguo Qiyuan

Chen Zude (Traditional: 陳祖德; Simplified: 陈祖德; Pinyin: Chén Zǔdé; February 19, 1944 - November 1, 2012) was a Chinese professional Go player. He was also the President of the Chinese Chess Association. He died of cancer on November 1, 2012.

Go career

Zude was one of China's most decorated Go players. He was believed to be the founder of "Chinese fuseki". Although, according to Kato Masao, this pattern originated in Japan, Chen was the person who made this fuseki famous. Yasunaga Hajime, a Japanese pro-level amateur and teacher of many professionals, claims in his books that Chen saw the fuseki first when attending a study group and exhibition matches organized by Yasunaga and held in China.

Zude was President of the Zhongguo Qiyuan and also served in the Chinese Weiqi Association from 1992 - 2003 as chairman. He was awarded 9 dan in 1982.

Zude was the first Chinese Go player in the modern era to attain the rank of 9-dan.

Chinese fuseki (Black).


Title Years Held
Current 3
National Go Individual 1964, 1966, 1974
Title Years Held
Current 2
National Go Individual 1962
New Sports Cup 1979

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