Domino games

Cosmic Turtle

This is an Asia solitaire played for good luck.

The game uses a Chinese domino set.

The Deal

The tableau is a four by five tile square with four "legs" legs, a "head" and a "tail" of two tiles each added to the square to form a shape like a turtle. The tableau starts with all tiles face down.

The Play

The ten tiles shown as blue in the above diagram are turned face up. If any pairs can be made from them, those pairs are removed and the next tiles in the chains indicated by the yellow lines in the diagram are turned face up. Pair matching continues with the exposed tiles.


The system for making pairs is shown below:

Six Twin pairs: (i.e. pairs of doubles)

Five Regular pairs: (i.e. simply pairs, but not doubles)

Four Irregular pairs: (i.e same totals, but different pips)

One supreme pair: (it is unique)

Comments & Strategy

The game is dumb, blind luck.