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Truscott Senior Swiss Teams

The Truscott/USPC Senior Swiss Teams national bridge championship is held at the summer American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championship (NABC).

The Truscott/USPC Senior Swiss Teams is a four session Swiss teams, two qualifying sessions and two final sessions. The event typically starts on the first Monday of the NABC. The event is open to players 55 or older.


The Truscott/USPC Senior Swiss Teams is an event for four to six players in which participants must be 55 or older to compete. There is a one-day (two sessions) qualifying and a second day (also two sessions) final. Scoring is by International Match Points (IMPs) converted to Victory Points. Scores from the two qualifying sessions are converted to a carryover and added to the teams' total in the final two sessions.

The trophy for the contest, named in memory of ACBL Hall of Fame member and former bridge editor of The New York Times Alan Truscott, was put into play in 2006 by the United States Playing Card Company.


Winners of Truscott/USPC Senior Swiss Teams
Year Winners Runners-Up
1997 Harry Ross, John Gustafson, Helen Gustafson, Jerry Gaer, Marilyn Hemenway, Mike Albert Steve Lawrence, Bob Luebkeman, Ed Groner, Richard Holmes
1998 Mike Levine, Zeke Jabbour, Richard Reisig, Fred Hamilton, Arnie Fisher, P.O. Sundelin Jim Barrow, John Wong, Paul Stern, Wayne Hascall
1999 Corinne Kirkham, Jim Kirkham, Richard Potter, John Potter, Marc Low, Sandra Low Jim Barrow, Ed Lewis, James Murphy, David Adams, Randy Pettit, Allan Siebert
2000 Trudi Nugit, Hamish Bennett, Gene Simpson, Mike Shuman Nels Erickson, Edwin Malmuth, Gerald Bare, Michael Savage, Rick Henderson
2001 Mike Levine, P.O. Sundelin, Zeke Jabbour, Arnie Fisher, Randy Pettit, Allan Siebert Thomas Smith, Richard DeMartino, John Sutherlin, Ron Gerard
2002 Roger Clough, Rebecca Clough, Louise Freed, Gene Freed, Derrell Childs, Nels Erickson Mike Levine, Zeke Jabbour, Russell Arnold, Arnold Fisher, Randy Pettit, Allan Siebert
2003 Carolyn Bjorklund, Fred Hamilton, Ed Barlow, Evan Bailey, Arnie Fisher Aram Bedros, Leo Bell, David Lindop, Marshall Miles
2004 Hamish Bennett, Gene Simpson, Bruce Noda, Fran Dickman, Mike Shuman Fred Hamilton, Ira Rubin, Grace Hunt, David Adams, Chuck Said
2005 Jerry Bare, Gene Freed, Jim Murphy, Mike Savage Grace Hunt, John Sutherlin, Nancy Passell, Fred Hamilton, Thomas Peters, John Zilic
2006 Geof Brod, Steve Earl, Richard DeMartino, John Stiefel Michael Mikyska, Catherine Podolsky, Phil Schaefer, Nell Schaefer
2007 Geof Brod, Richard DeMartino, John Stiefel, Pat McDevitt Jeffrey Hand, David Butler, Joseph Godefrin, Ed Schulte, Larry Bausher, Steve Becker
2008 Allan Graves, Reanette Frobouck, Mark Lair, John Carruthers, Fred Hamilton Geof Brod, Richard DeMartino, John Stiefel, Pat McDevitt
2009 Karen Allison, Lea Dupont, Benito Garozzo, Mike Ledeen Robert Bitterman, Jerry Helms, Tom Rutledge, Bill Wisdom
2010 Kenneth L. Cohen, Ken Cohen, Rick Rowland, Neal Satten, Thomas Weik Richard Budd, Daniel Colatosti, Mel Colchamiro, Sheila Gabay, John Malley


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