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Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs

The Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs national bridge championship is held at the fall American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championship (NABC).

The Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs is a four-session matchpoint pairs event with two qualifying sessions and two final sessions. The event typically starts on the first Tuesday of the NABC. The event is restricted to players with fewer than 5,000 masterpoints who have earned a blue ribbon qualification.


The inaugural Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs was held in 2005 at the Fall NABC in Denver. There is a pre-qualification requirement: players must have earned a Blue Ribbon qualification to participate. This is done by placing first or second in certain competitions.


Winners of Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs
Year Winners Runners-Up
2005 Marty Harris, Jacob Morgan Frank Wharton, Paul Walker
2006 Joe Houde, Divakar Bhargava John Klayman, Lawrence Lau
2007 Patricia Menefee, Andre De Leon Metin Gokcen, Sadik Arf
2008 Roger Coffman, Chris Coffman Arne Maki, Gene Maki
2009 Harold Huffaker, Ronald Huffaker Gerrie Owen, Leonard Schaen
2010 Mark Jones, Doug Levene Dean Panagopoulos, Yiji Starr
2011 Susan Fulton, John Hogan William Grant, Andrew Loh
2012 Peter Worby, Kevin Young Vic Quiros, Harvinder Sidhu
2013 Suman Agarwal, Harjinder Ajmani Terry Schleppegrell, Marion Kelly
2014 Ina Demme, Bill Kertes David MacRae, Christina van Leeuwen


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