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Leventritt Silver Ribbon Pairs

The Leventritt Silver Ribbon Pairs national bridge championship is held at the spring American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championship (NABC).

The Leventritt Silver Ribbon Pairs is a four session matchpoint (MP) pairs event with two qualifying and two final sessions. The event typically starts on the first Sunday of the NABC.


The Silver Ribbon Pairs is an event open only to players who are at least 55 years old and who have pre-qualified by placing first or second in a regional or national-rated senior event.

The Silver Ribbon Pairs consists of two qualifying and two final sessions. The winners will have their names inscribed on the Leventritt Trophy and will receive a certificate of recognition.

The trophy honors Peter Leventritt of New York, ACBL president in 1954 and assistant treasurer 1945-46. He served as president of the Greater New York Bridge Association and the Card School of New York, which he co-founded. Leventritt (1915-1997) pioneered the use of the Schenken System in partnership with its inventor, Howard Schenken. He represented North America in the Bermuda Bowl and placed second in 1957, 1961, 1963 and 1965.


Winners of Leventritt Silver Ribbon Pairs
Year Winners Runners-Up
1992 James Leary, S. Irving Steinfeldt George Rosenkranz, Fred Hamilton
1993   Joan Remey Moore, Helen Shanbrom   Corinne Kirkham, Jim Kirkham
1994 Virgil Anderson, Jayne Thomas Betty Wilton, Herb Wilton
1995 Gene Freed, Peter Benjamin Lloyd Loux, Marge Cox
1996 Phil Karani, Martin Hoffman Ed Lewis, Frank King
1997 Chuck Said, John Russell Becky Rogers, Nell Cahn
1998 Eli Borok, Bill Sides Dudley Brown, Richard Budd
1999 Jim Kirkham, Corinne Kirkham Gerald Caravelli, Godfrey Chang
2000 Rhoda Walsh, Charles Coon Gerald Caravelli, Marc Low
2001 Fred Hamilton, Steve Catlett Ethan Stein, Gerald Caravelli
2002 Marilyn Hemenway, Mike Albert Diane Shannon, Donald Rothschild
2003 Roger Lord, Alan Popkin John Russell, Bernace DeYoung
2004 Joseph Godefrin, Ed Schulte Jerry Premo, G. Gard Hays
2005 Marla Chaikin, Bill Esberg John Zilic, Thomas Peters
2006 Lew Finkel, Gaylor Kasle William Esberg, Marla Chaikin
2007 Allan Siebert, Alan Stout Charles Nemes, Martin Morris
2008 Sheldon Kirsch, Morrie Kleinplatz Gaylor Kasle, Lew Finkel
2009 Dan Suty, Jim Hilton Gaylor Kasle, Lew Finkel
2010 Gloria Bart, Les Bart Rob Crawford, Hadi Allahverdian
2011 Richard DeMartino, John Stiefel Tom Kniest, Don Stack
2012 Fred Hamilton, Jim Sternberg Lloyd Arvedon, Sheila Gabay
2013 Mike Cappelletti, Richard Wieland Richard Brown, Hugh Brown Jr.