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Fast Open Pairs

The Fast Open Pairs national bridge championship is held at the summer American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championship (NABC).

The Fast Open Pairs is a four session MP pairs event, two qualifying sessions and two final sessions. Each set of two sessions is played on one day. The event typically starts on the second Thursday of the NABC. The event is open. Players are required to play each two round board in eleven minutes. Typically, there is only a small (30-45 minutes) break between the two sessions.


The NABC+ Fast Open Pairs is a matchpoint event where tables are permitted 11 minutes to finish their two-board rounds, rather than the standard 15 minutes. The event consists of two qualifying sessions and two final sessions. It was first contested in 2000 in Anaheim, California.


In the first 16 renditions to 2015, the pair Doug Doub-Adam Wildavsky had one win and two seconds. Geoff Hampson and Chris Willenken both had two wins with different partners.

Fast Open Pairs, 2000 to present
Year Winners Runners-up
 2000  Aaron Silverstein, Chris Willenken Linda Lewis, Paul Lewis
2001 Jim Robison, Mark Itabashi Robert Bell, Earl Glickstein
2002 Alan Kleist, Leo LaSota Ron Smith, Chris Willenken
2003 John Hurd, Joel Wooldridge Ed Schulte, Joseph Godefrin
2004 Peter Weiden, Rick Zucker Doug Doub, Adam Wildavsky
2005 Ralph Buchalter, Chris Willenken Jiang Gu, Xiaodong Shi
2006 Robert Lebi, Nicolas L'Ecuyer Doug Doub, Adam Wildavsky
2007 Geoff Hampson, Bobby Levin   Eldad Ginossar, Ron Pachtmann  
2008 Doug Doub, Adam Wildavsky John Diamond, Brian Platnick
2009 Dick Bruno, Peggy Kaplan Bob Etter, John Hodges
2010 Dan Jacob, Nagy Kamel Steve Shirey, Allan Stauber
2011 John Diamond, Geoff Hampson Lew Gamerman, Robert McCaw
2012 Tom Kniest, Ed Schulte Thomas Bessis, Ishmael Del'Monte
2013 Jim Munday, Larry Sealy Krzysztof Jassem, Marcin Mazurkiewicz
2014   Adam Grossack, Zachary Grossack     Krzysztof Jassem, Marcin Mazurkiewicz  
2015 Igor Savchenko, Irina Kislitsyna Robert Lebi, Jeff Roman