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Unusual vs. unusual

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Unusual vs. unusual is a competitive bidding convention used in contract bridge by the opening side after an opponent has made an overcall showing two suits (e.g., a Michaels cuebid or an unusual notrump overcall.


The opening side may compete against the opponent's intervention; actions depend upon whether one or both of the opponent's suits are specified:

Both suits are specified
Only one suit is specified

Additional information

Typically, raises show either four-card or longer trump support or three-card support with a splinter in a known, adverse suit. Since the overcaller with the two-suited hand probably has a short holding in the opening side's trump suit, one expects the adversely held trumps to break unevenly. Thus, the opening side should have either nine or more trumps or good ruffing values in the hand with short trumps.

The unusual vs. unusual (or, unusual over unusual) convention has many variants and only one is presented in the foregoing. Thus, a partnership agreement to play the convention requires detailed review of the initial responses and their continuations.