Scrabble Word games


Players 2 or more
Age range 7 and up
Playing time Short
Random chance Medium
Skill(s) required Spelling
Word creation from random letters
Includes: shaker cup, 10 black dice, 3 red dice, timer, instructions

Perquackey is a word game produced by Cardinal Industries, Inc. of Long Island City, New York. It was previously produced by Lakeside Toys, a division of Lakeside Industries, Inc. of Minneapolis, MN, and originally by The Shreve Company of Los Angeles, CA. It is similar to the game Spill & Spell.

Simplified gameplay

Each player throws ten or thirteen dice with letters printed on their faces. They must rearrange them into as many words as possible within a certain time, reusing the same letter set repeatedly. Points are scored according to the length of each word and the number of words made. Once a player reaches a certain score, they must use all thirteen dice, and are not allowed to make words that contain only three letters.

The dice are labeled as follows:

In popular culture

In the Dick Van Dyke Show episode "A Man's Teeth Are Not His Own," Rob & Laura play a game of Perquackey with their neighbors.

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