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Tree Solitaire


Tree Solitaire is a form of solitaire in which the cards are laid out as follows:

   Row one- One card
   Row two- Two cards
   Row three- Three cards
   Row four- Four cards
   Row five- Five cards
   Row six- Six Cards
   Row seven- Seven cards

All rows are laid out in a way that they cover half of the cards in the row immediately above, so that the end result resembles a tree, thus the name.

During play, a player pulls the top three cards from the deck and flips them face up. If less than three cards are left when the end of the deck is reached, then the difference should be ignored and the cards flipped as usual. If two cards are left, then only those cards are flipped. The player may not wrap around to the front of the deck to get a third card. Only the top card can be played, the cards below can be played if the card(s) above them are removed.

Conditions for winning

The object is to remove all cards from the tree by combining two cards to have a total face value of 13. So, if your third row was: 9 J K; and had no cards on top of it, the king could be removed on its own, the jack would need a two, and the nine would need a 4. Suit is irrelevant, as is color.

The player can only go through the deck three times. If the player is unable to eliminate all cards in the tree and has reached the last card in their deck, then they have lost.

This game is a variant of Pyramid.