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Royal Rendezvous

Royal Rendezvous is a solitaire card game which uses two decks of playing cards shuffled together. Its method of game play is similar to another solitaire game Carpet.

All eight aces and one deuce (2 card) of each suit are separated for the shuffled deck of cards. Four aces (one for each suit) are placed in a row to form the Upper Aces. The remaining four aces are placed in a row below the Upper Aces to form the Lower Aces. Two deuces are placed at each side of the Aces. The formation of the Upper and Lower Aces and the Deuces should somewhat look like this:

2 2 A A A A 2 2

Then, sixteen cards are dealt below the formation in any convenient way possible. As a suggestion, they should form two rows of eight cards. They form the reserve.

The above formation above represents the foundations. The Upper Aces are built up by suit to Kings. The Lower Aces are built up by suit in twos; same goes for the Deuces. Therefore the building order is as follows:

The sixteen cards in the reserve are available for only to the foundations; they are not for building. Any space left behind in the reserve is filled by a card from the wastepile or, if one has not been built yet, the stock.

When no moves are possible from the reserve, the stock is dealt, one at a time to the wastepile. The top card is available to be played directly to the foundation or used to fill up gaps in the reserve. The stock can only be dealt once.

The game ends as soon as the stock runs out. The game is considered won when all cards end up in the foundations.

In Solsuite's version of the game, there is a restriction on the foundations that form the Upper Aces. Foundations in the Upper Aces are built up to Queens first. A King can only be placed in a foundation in the Upper Aces if the other King of the same suit is already built in a foundation in the Lower Aces.