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Patriarchs - solitaire

Patriarchs is a solitaire card game which is played with two decks of playing cards. It is similar in reserve layout to Odd and Even but with different game play.

First, one king and one ace are removed from the deck and placed in two columns: one with all aces and the other with all kings. In between these two columns is a space for the reserve, which is composed of nine cards arranged in three rows of three cards each.

Ace and King columns are the foundations. The ace foundations are built up to Kings while the king foundations are built down to aces, all by suit. When the top cards of the ace and king foundations of the same suit are in sequence, a reversal can be done, i.e. cards can be moved one at a time from one foundation to the other, except the base aces and kings.

The nine reserve cards are available for play on the foundations (not on each other). When a card leaves the reserve, the space it leaves behind is filled with the top card of the waste pile (or the stock if there is no waste pile yet).

If play comes to a standstill in the reserve, the stock is dealt one card at a time, and if a card is unplayable, it is placed on the waste pile, the top card of which is available for building on the foundations or filling a space on the reserve. Only one redeal is allowed; to do this the unused cards in the waste pile is picked up and turned face down to be used as the new stock.

The game is won when all cards end up in the foundations.

Picture Patience

Picture Patience is a solitaire game which is played exactly like Patriarchs except for the following: