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German Patience

German Patience is a solitaire card game which is played with two decks of playing card. It is an unusual game because building in the tableau or playing area is up (Ace - King), as opposed to building down in many others. Despite its name, it is not known if this game originated from Germany.

Setting up the game

Each player starts out with his/her own deck of a standard 52 card playing cards.

First player starts out by laying out a card face up (row 1). Below that card, place another face down followed by one face up right next to it (row 2). Below that row, place 1st and 2nd card face down and 3rd card face up (row 3). Below that row, place the 1st, 2nd and 3rd card face down, 4th card face up (row 4). This is laid out on players right side. Below 4th row, count out 12 cards face down making a stack with the 13th card face up. Remaining cards, face down in a stack to the left of the stack of the 13 (make sure there is a big space (two hands width in between for a discard pile, cards in discard pile are face up)).

Opposing player copies first players layout.

Highest card on right stack starts the game.

Playing the game

PRIORITIES: Aces always go first in the center area, then on top of Aces, starting with two, in numerical order up to king of same suit. If player fails to place card of same suit in numerical order, opponent can knock (on table) forcing other to lose their turn. Opponent continues where other left off. When turning cards, left stack has priority or must be used whenever possible.

Players turn up, can add cards to either side of table in alternating color and in numerical order. If card from left stack cannot be used, leave on stack face up. Then turn top card on right stack, and see if it can be used. If not, place face up in discard pile (center stack). Opponent gets his turn. If opponent's card is of the same suit and color (or any card on table except for cards on the Aces in the center) he can give that card to the other players either pile as long as it is still in numerical order up or down.

Winning: the first player who runs out of their cards first.