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Emperor - solitaire

A Patience game
Alternative names The Emperor
Family Forty Thieves
Deck Double 52-card

Emperor (or The Emperor) is a Patience game which is played using two decks of playing cards.


Its rules are not so clearly explained that it has at least two versions, one of which is exactly like Rank and File, a variant of Forty Thieves. But it also one card game that lends itself to "forethough and much integrity," according to author Peter Arnold.

The set-up of the tableau is not clearly defined either. The prevalent version prescribes that forty cards are set up into ten columns of four cards each. Each column should have its bottom three cards face down and its top card face up. The three face down cards are collectively known as a "sealed" packet.

The goal of this game is to put the aces in the foundations as soon as they are available and build each of them up to kings.

All the exposed (face-up) cards are available for play, to be built on the foundations or on other exposed cards on the tableau, and when a face-down card becomes fully exposed, it is turned face-up. Building in the tableau is down by alternating color. Some rule sets allow moving of packed sequences as a single unit, making it like Rank and File, while other rule sets don't allow moving of sequences.

When all possible moves are made, the stock is dealt one at a time. A card that cannot be played yet onto tableau or on the foundations is placed on the waste pile, the top card of which is available for play.

The game ends soon after the stock has run out. The game is won when all cards are built onto the foundations.