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Deuces - solitaire

A Patience game
Named variants Courtyard, Square
Family Forty Thieves
Deck Double 52-card

Deuces is a solitaire card game which is played with two decks of playing cards. It is so called because each foundation starts with a "deuce", or two card. It also belongs to a family of card games which includes Busy Aces.


First, the eight two cards are separated from the deck and placed in two rows to form the foundations. Then, ten cards, four above the foundations and three at each of the left and the right of the foundations, are dealt. These are the bases for the tableau piles.

The foundations should be built up by suit up to kings, then aces. In the tableau, building is down by suit, also aces can be built upon by kings.

The top cards of each tableau piles are available for play on the foundations or on other tableau piles. Sequences, where in part or in whole, can be moved as one unit. Spaces in the tableau are filled only with cards from either the stock or the wastepile.

The stock can be dealt one card at a time, onto a wastepile, the top card of which is available for play on the foundations and on the tableau. There is no redeal

The game is won when all the cards are dealt onto the foundations with the aces on top.


Below are variations of Deuces, both of which are also akin to Busy Aces.