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Colours - solitaire

Colours is a solitaire card game which is played using a deck of playing cards. Its gameplay puts it on the same family as Sir Tommy, Strategy, and Calculation. The game is so called because of its emphasis on colour.

The cards are shuffled, then dealt out one by one the foundations or onto one of six waste piles, the top cards of which are available for building only on the foundations.

A two, a three, a four, and a five are needed to start the foundations. The deuce and the four should be of one colour (regardless of suit) and the trey and the five be of the other colour. Naturally, the colour of the first foundation card that turns up during dealing dictates the colours of the other cards. The foundations are built up by colour.

Dealing of cards from the stock continues until the stock runs out. The game is won when all of the cards are built onto the foundations, which should have an ace, a deuce, a trey, and a four on top.