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Box Kite - solitaire

This article is about the solitaire game Box Kite. For information about the kite, see the Box Kite article.

Screenshot of Box Kite

Box Kite is a moderately difficult solitaire game using two decks. The object of the game is to move all of the cards to the Foundations.


Box Kite has eight Foundations located in the center. The 8 foundation piles are divided into 2 groups (Solavant). There are four piles located on the top that start with a King, and build down in suit (Tesseract Mobile).

Here is an example: K, Q, J, 10...

The other four piles start with an Ace and build up in suit (Tesseract Mobile).

Here is an example: A♠, 2♠, 3♠, 4♠...

Surrounding the Foundations are twelve Tableau Piles holding eight cards each. These cards can build up or down regardless of suit, but only the top card of each pile can be moved (Rapture Tech).

Here is and example: 10, J♣, 10♠, 9, 8...


Cards can be relocated between the top and bottom Foundations. There are no redeals in Box Kite. The game is own after all cards have been moved to the Foundations.

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