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Archway - solitaire

Archway is a solitaire card game using two decks of 52 playing cards. Its goal is to bring all 104 cards into the foundation.

The game starts by placing one of each ace (A, A♠, A, A♣) and one of each king (K, K♠, K, K♣) at the bottom of your playing area. These cards will be your foundation. At the middle of the playing area, the tableau is created by randomly dealing 4 columns of 12 cards all face up.

All the remaining cards are placed in one of the 13 reserve piles that are placed like an archway around the tableau. Each of the reserve piles corresponds to the face value of a card; the aces will be the first one on the left side, the kings will be the first one on the right side, and the 7 will be at the top of your archway.

The goal is to move cards from the tableau and the reserve piles to the foundation to form 4 piles from ace to king (1 for each suit) and 4 piles of king to ace (1 for each suit). Any reserve card can be moved from the reserve pile to the foundation as long as the card is the next in the foundation suite. Only the top most card of a tableau pile can be moved to a foundation pile. If a tableau pile is empty, any card can be place at the location of the empty pile.

The game is won when all eight foundation pile count 13 card each, each pile containing only one suite and all cards in order, from aces to kings or from kings to aces. The game is lost when no more moves are possible and the foundations are not completed.