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Alhambra - solitaire

Screenshot of Alhambra
Family Unique
Deck Double 104-card

Alhambra is a solitaire card game which is played using two decks of playing cards. Its unusual feature is akin to that of Crazy Quilt: the cards in the reserve are built either on the foundations or on a waste pile.


There are 8 Foundation piles. 4 of these start with Aces and build up in suit. The other 4 start with Kings and build down in suit.

Alhambra also has 8 Reserve Piles. These piles contain 4 cards each.

The Deck deals out 1 card at a time and there is also a Waste Pile.


The Deck deals out 1 card at a time. If that card cannot be used, it will go to the Waste Pile.

The top cards of the reserve piles are available only to be built on the foundation; there is no building. The cards on the wastepile can be built on the foundations, while it can be built upon by cards from the reserve piles.

When the stock is exhausted, the waste pile (which by then already includes cards from the reserve) is picked up and turned over to become the new stock. This can be done twice in the entire game.

The game finishes soon after the stock is exhausted the third time. The game is won when all cards are built into the foundations.

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