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21 Total Speed - solitaire

21 Total Speed is a speed game using one deck of playing cards. The object of the game is to make as many Blackjack hands before time runs out.


21 Total Speed has 4 spaces to create Blackjack hands. Towards the bottom is the Deck and the Discard Pile.

This image is a screenshot of the solitaire game "21 Total Speed".


There are 100 seconds on the clock. The Deck turns up 1 card at a time. Move these cards onto 1 of the 4 Tableau spaces. The goal is to build as many Blackjack hands as possible. When the cards in a Tableau space reach a total of 21, the hand will be removed. No Tableau space can hold cards totaling over 21. Cards that cannot be used or cards that are unwanted can be placed in the Discard Pile. The Discard Pile can only hold 5 cards. When play reaches a standstill, the game is over.


There are many variations of scoring. Here are a couple:


- Column cleared by 21= 50 points

- Column cleared by 7-7-7= 175 points

- Time bonus for finishing the game earlier

- Highest score wins.


- Blackjack hand= 500 points

- Seconds you have left at the end of the game X 10.

- Empty the deck= 10,000 point bonus

- Discard pile is empty= 1,500 points

- Score of 15,000 wins.


- Keep track of cards you have already used.

- Avoid discarding.

- Reserve a column for sevens.

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