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Old Meijin

The Old Meijin was a Go competition.


The Old Meijin was the same tournament as the current Meijin. The reason it is called the Old Mejin is because before 1976, the Meijin tournament was hosted by Yomiuri Shimbun. In 1976, Yomiuri Shimbun stopped hosting the Meijin, and started the Kisei. The Meijin tournament then was hosted by another company, Asahi. This tournament thus became called the Old Meijin.

Past winners

Year Player
1962 Fujisawa Hideyuki
1963 Sakata Eio
1964 Sakata Eio
1965 Rin Kaiho
1966 Rin Kaiho
1967 Rin Kaiho
1968 Takagawa Kaku
1969 Rin Kaiho
1970 Fujisawa Hideyuki
1971 Rin Kaiho
1972 Rin Kaiho
1973 Rin Kaiho
1974 Ishida Yoshio
1975 Otake Hideo