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The Kisung (Korean: 기성전, Hanja: 棋聖戦) is a Go competition in South Korea.


The Kisung was a Go competition used by the Hanguk Kiwon. It was the Hanguk Kiwon equivalent to the Nihon-Kiin's Kisei competition and was sponsored by the Se-kye Il-po (World Newspaper). The white komi was 6.5 points. The times limits for the final was 5 hours, while the rest of the tournament had 4 hours of thinking time. The winner's purse was 18,000,000 SKW ($18,000).

The last year was held in 2008.

Past winners

Player Years Held
Cho Hun-hyeon 1990, 1991
Yoo Changhyuk 1991
Lee Chang-ho 1993 - 2003
Choi Cheol-han 2004
Park Young-Hoon 2005 - 2008

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