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The Guksu (Korean: 국수전, Hanja: 國手戰) is a Go competition in South Korea.


The Guksu is a Go competition held by the Hanguk Kiwon, and sponsored by The Dong-a Ilbo. It is the longest running competition in South Korea. Even though it is no longer the largest tournament in terms of prize money, many people still consider the Guksu title (Guksu literally means hand of the nation or the best player in the country) to be the most prestigious of all Korean titles, especially given its long tradition.

The white Ho-Sun (Komi, in Japanese) is 6.5 points, which is a compensation (handicap) given to the white-stone player for starting after the black-stone player. In the preliminaries, players are given 3 hours to play their matches. In the knockout league, players are given 4 hours, and in the final title match players are given 5 hours. The winner's prize is 40 million KRW (appr. $37,000,-).

Past winners

Year Player
1956 Cho Namchul
1957 Cho Namchul
1958 Cho Namchul
1959 Cho Namchul
1960 Cho Namchul
1961 Cho Namchul
1962 Cho Namchul
1963 Cho Namchul
1964 Cho Namchul
1965 Kim In
1966 Kim In
1967 Kim In
1968 Kim In
1969 Kim In
1970 Kim In
1971 Yun Kihyeon
1972 Yun Kihyeon
1973 Ha Chanseok
1974 Ha Chanseok
1975 Competition not held
1976 Cho Hun-hyeon
1977 Cho Hun-hyeon
1978 Cho Hun-hyeon
1979 Cho Hun-hyeon
1980 Cho Hun-hyeon
1981 Cho Hun-hyeon
1982 Cho Hun-hyeon
1983 Cho Hun-hyeon
1984 Cho Hun-hyeon
1985 Cho Hun-hyeon
1986 Seo Bongsoo
1987 Seo Bongsoo
1988 Cho Hun-hyeon
1989 Cho Hun-hyeon
1990 Lee Chang-ho
1991 Cho Hun-hyeon
1992 Cho Hun-hyeon
1993 Lee Chang-ho
1994 Lee Chang-ho
1995 Lee Chang-ho
1996 Lee Chang-ho
1997 Lee Chang-ho
1998 Cho Hun-hyeon
1999 Rui Naiwei
2000 Cho Hun-hyeon
2001 Lee Chang-ho
2002 Lee Chang-ho
2003 Choi Cheol-han
2004 Choi Cheol-han
2005 Lee Chang-ho
2006 Yun Jun-sang
2007 Lee Sedol
2008 Lee Sedol
2009 Lee Chang-ho
2010 Choi Cheol-han
2011 Cho Hanseung

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