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Daiwa Cup

The Daiwa Cup full name Daiwa Securities Cup Net Igo Open is a Go competition.


The Daiwa Cup is sponsored by Daiwa Securities Group. The format of the tournament is a round robin with 4 leagues and 4 players in each league. Games are played on Saturday and Sunday nights on the Nihon Ki-in go server. The time allowance is five minutes per player, followed by a byo-yomi of 30 seconds a move. The winners purse is 1,500,000 Yen ($12,700).

Winners & runners-up

Winner Runner up Year Held
Takao Shinji Cho U 2006
O Meien Yoda Norimoto 2007 (2nd)
Takao Shinji Iyama Yuta 2007 (3rd)
Kono Rin Kobayashi Koichi 2008
Kono Rin Iyama Yuta 2009