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BC Card Cup - Korea's national championship

BC Card Cup (Korea's national championship)
Full name BC Card Cup
Started 1990
Sponsors BC Card
Prize money 20,000,000 Won/$21,000
Affiliation Hanguk Kiwon

The BC Card Cup is a Go competition in South Korea.


The BC Card Cup is a tournament for 20 young players. It is a Go title in South Korea, the equivalent to the Shinjin-O title in Japan. The tournament first started in 1990, and is still in existence after 17 years. In order to get to the final, you must win 19 games. If you lose, you are out of the tournament. The holder of the title only plays one game, in which he needs to win to enter the final of the tournament. Once the final tournament starts, it's a knockout tournament. Players with the best record in the preliminaries are seeded into the 2nd round. The players get 3 hours in total to play each game, and the komi is 6.5 points.

Past winners

Player Years Held
Cho Hunhyun 1990, 1995
Lee Chang-ho 1991 - 1994, 1996
Mok Jin-seok 1997
Kim Mansu 1998
Lee Sang-Hoon 1999
Cho Hanseung 2001
Lee Sedol 2002
Song Tae Kon 2003
An Choyoung 2004
Park Young-Hoon 2005
Heo Young-ho 2006
Won Seong-jin 2007

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