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19th Kisei

The 19th Kisei was the 19th edition of the Kisei tournament of the board game go, in 1995. Since Cho Chikun won the previous year, he was given an automatic place in the final to defend his title. Sixteen players battled in a single elimination tournament to decide the final 2. Those two would then play each other in a best-of-7 match to decide who would face Cho. Kobayashi Satoru became the challenger after beating Kobayashi Koichi, but lost 4 games to 2 against Cho.


Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Kobayashi Koichi (Meijin)  0
 (automatic berth)  0  
 Kobayashi Koichi  1
   Hisosaka Naoto  0  
 Hikosaka Naoto  0
 (automatic berth)  0  
 Kobayashi Koichi  1
   Rin Kaiho  0  
 Rin Kaiho (Tengen)  0
 (automatic berth)  0  
 Rin Kaiho  1
   Imamura Yoshiaki  0  
 Imamura Yoshiaki  1
 Yuki Satoshi  0  
 Cho Chikun  2
   Kobayashi Satoru  4
 Hane Yasumasa  0
 (automatic berth)  0  
 Hane Yasumasa  0
   Kato Masao  1  
 Otake Hideo (Judan)  0
 Kato Masao (Oza)  1  
 Kato Masao  0
   Kobayashi Satoru  1   Third Place
 Morita Michihiro  0
 Kobayashi Satoru  1  
 Kobayashi Satoru  1  Kobayashi Koichi  0
   Kudo Norio  0    Lost to Kobayashi S.  0
 Kudo Norio  0
 (automatic berth)  0