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Yasui house

The Yasui house (安井家) was one of the four Schools (or Houses) of Go which were officially recognized during the Edo period of Japanese history.

Each of the four schools were founded by Tokugawa Ieyas in 1612.

The house had one Meijin, in Sanchi. It has been commented that the general style of play tended to the pragmatic, rather than the artistic way.

From 1737 to the present, the current head of the Yasui house has been known as Senkaku. The retirement or posthumous names are listed here.

  1. 安井算哲 Santetsu 1612-1644
  2. 安井算知 Sanchi 1644-1696
  3. 安井知哲 Chitetsu 1696-1700
  4. 安井仙角 Senkaku 1700-1737
  5. 安井春哲仙角 Shuntetsu 1737-1775
  6. 安井仙哲 Sentetsu 1775-1780
  7. 安井仙角仙知 Senchi 1780-1814
  8. 安井知得仙知 Senchi II 1814-1838
  9. 安井俊哲算知 Sanchi II 1838-1858
  10. 安井算英 Sanei 1858-1903

With Sanei, the house died out.