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Singapore Open Scrabble Championship

Singapore Open Scrabble Championship
Tournament information
Sport Scrabble
Location Singapore
Established 1998
Format 16 rounds
Current champion
Nigel Richards

The Singapore Open Scrabble Championship is an international Scrabble tournament held each year in Singapore, established in 1998. The field of players is considerably large and it is not an invitational event. World Scrabble champion Nigel Richards has the most Singapore Open wins, with eleven between 2000 and 2014.


The winner of the championship's inaugural edition was Michael Tang in 1998. The player with the most Singapore Open victories is New Zealander Nigel Richards, who has won eleven times between 2000 and 2014. No other person has won the tournament more than once.

Year Winner Runner-up
2014 Nigel Richards (11) (New Zealand) Alastair Richards
2013 Cancelled due to lack of venue
2012 Nigel Richards (10) (New Zealand) Aaron Chong
2011 Aaron Chong Hubert Wee Ming Hui
2010 Nigel Richards (9) (New Zealand) Cheah Siu Hean
2009 Nigel Richards (8) (New Zealand) Hubert Wee Ming Hui
2008 Nigel Richards (7) (New Zealand) Hubert Wee Ming Hui
2007 Nigel Richards (6) (New Zealand) Shim Yen Nee
2006 Tony Sim Marlon Prudencio
2005 Andy Kurnia Hubert Wee Ming Hui
2004 Nigel Richards (5) (New Zealand) Cheah Siu Hean
2003 Nigel Richards (4) (New Zealand) Ricky Purnomo
2002 Nigel Richards (3) (New Zealand) Tony Sim
2001 Nigel Richards (2) (New Zealand) Quek Sim Ho
2000 Nigel Richards (1) (New Zealand) Femi Awowade (England)
1999 A Ganesh Tengku Asri
1998 Michael Tang Ador Ruiz
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