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World Amateur Go Championship

World Amateur Go Championship
Venue Hotel Hyundai (2014)
Location Gyeongju (2014)
Start date March, 1979
Competitors 54 players (2014) from 54 nations
Total prize money None
Men Yi-Tien Chan (2014)

The World Amateur Go Championship (WAGC) is an international tournament for amateur Go players, held once a year since 1979. The organising body is the International Go Federation (IGF).

Each participating country sends one player, although in the beginning of the contest there were multiple players from the stronger Go Countries (e.g. China, Japan, South Korea); in 2007 there were 68 participants.

Some of the participants have gone on to become top Go professionals.

Past champions

The names are ordered as Given name and Surname.

Year Winner 2nd 3rd
1979 Wei-Ping Nie (China) Zu-De Chen (China) Jia-Rui Chen (China)
1980 Fumiaki Imamura (Japan) Zu-De Chen (China) Hajime Yasunaga (Japan)
1981 Zhen-Zhong Shao (China) Xiao-Chun Ma (China) Bunsho Murakami (Japan)
1982 Da-Yuan Cao (China) Jin-Ha Yang (China) Hironori Hirata (Japan)
1983 Xiao-Chun Ma (China) Hiroshi Miura (Japan) Fumiaki Imamura (Japan)
1984 Qun Wang (China) Chang-Hyuk Yoo (South Korea) Hironori Hirata (Japan)
1985 Jian-Hong Wang (China) Jia-Rui Chen (Hong Kong) Yasuro Kikuchi (Japan)
1986 Jia-Rui Chen (Hong Kong) Yasuro Kikuchi (Japan) Xue-Lin Song (China)
1987 Fumiaki Imamura (Japan) Bin Yu (China) Gwan-Cheol Lee (South Korea)
1988 Wen-Dong Zhang (China) Fumiaki Imamura (Japan) Ronald Schlemper (Netherlands)
Chul-Joong Kim (South Korea)
1989 Ze-Wu Che (China) Wen-He Cai (Taiwan) Hironori Hirata (Japan)
1990 Hao Chang (China) Quan-Wuk An (South Korea) Hiroshi Miura (Japan)
1991 Fumiaki Imamura (Japan) Xia-Nyu Xia (Taiwan) Ronald Schlemper (Netherlands)
1992 Yasuro Kikuchi (Japan) Young-Man Lee (South Korea) Qi-Yu Han (China)
1993 Yi-Guo Sun (China) Soon-Joo Seo (South Korea) Hironori Hirata (Japan)
1994 Satoshi Hiraoka (Japan) Chun-Hsun Chou (Taiwan) Chun Wang (China)
1995 Hironori Hirata (Japan) Hong-Yi Shi (China) Ying Kan (Hong Kong)
1996 Jun Liu (China) Hironori Hirata (Japan) Yong-Man Yi (South Korea)
1997 Jun Liu (China) Hideyuki Sakai (Japan) Yeong-Sam Mun (North Korea)
1998 Ch'an-U Kim (South Korea) Satoshi Hiraoka (Japan) Wen-Dong Zhao (China)
1999 Chae-Seong Yu (South Korea) Hideyuki Sakai (Japan) Pong-Il Ri (North Korea)
2000 Hideyuki Sakai (Japan) Ho-Kil Pak (North Korea) Maleun-Saem Hong (South Korea)
2001 Dai-Chun Li (China) Moriei Kanazawa (Japan) Dong Ming Liu (Australia)
2002 Li Fu (China) Maleun-Saem Hong (South Korea) Yasuro Kikuchi (Japan)
2003 Not held due to SARS outbreak.
2004 Kang-Wook Lee (South Korea) You-Zheng Lai (Taiwan) Li Fu (China)
2005 Yu-Qing Hu (China) Tae-Weon Cho (North Korea) Cheng-Rui Yu (Taiwan)
2006 Satoshi Hiraoka (Japan) Wei-Xing Tang (China) Tae-Weon Cho (North Korea)
2007 Zi-Teng Shan (China) Tong-Ha U (South Korea) Hironobu Mori (Japan)
2008 Sung-Bong Ha (South Korea) Yu-Zheng Guo (China) Fernando Aguilar (Argentina)
2009 Yu-Ging Hu (China) Shin-Hwan Yu (South Korea) Nai-San Chan (Hong Kong)
2010 Hong-Suk Song (South Korea) Chen Wang (China) Tae-Weon Cho (North Korea)
2011 Bao-Xiang Bai (China) Woo-Soo Choi (South Korea) Eric Lui (United States)
2012 Zhi-Jian Qiao (China) Hyun-Joon Lee (South Korea) Cheng-Hsun Chen (Taiwan)
2013 Hyun-Jae Choi (South Korea) Yu-Qing Hu (China) Artem Kachanovskyi (Ukraine)
2014 Yi-Tien Chan (Chinese Taipei) Tae-woong Wei (South Korea) Ruoran Wang (China)

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