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Naoto Hikosaka

Naoto Hikosaka
Full name Naoto Hikosaka
Kanji 彦坂直人
Born March 17, 1962
Nagoya, Japan
Teacher Toshio Sakai
Rank 9 dan
Affiliation Nihon Ki-in; Nagoya branch

Naoto Hikosaka (彦坂直人 Hikosaka Naoto, born March 17, 1962) is a professional Go player.


Hikosaka turned pro in 1976 at the age of 14.

Titles & runners-up

Title Years Held
Current 1
Judan 1998
Title Years Lost
Current 3
Judan 1999
Okan 1996, 2003
Defunct 2
Kakusei 2000
Shin-Ei 1987
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