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A game in progress. White has one available jump if it is not Black's turn to move.
Genre(s) Board game
Abstract strategy game
Players 2
Playing time 10 minutes
Random chance None
Skill(s) required Strategy, tactics

Yoté is a traditional strategy board game of West Africa, where it is a popular gambling game due to its fast pace and surprising turnarounds. A player wins by capturing all opposing pieces. Yoté is related to the game Choko.


The game is played on a 5x6 board, which is empty at the beginning of the game. Each player has twelve pieces in hand. Players alternate turns, with White moving first. In a move, a player may either:

The player who captures all the opponent's pieces is the winner. The game can end in a draw if both players are left with three or fewer pieces.

Supplemental rules

The following additional rules are often employed for completeness:

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