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Agon Cup

Agon Cup
Full name Agon Cup
Started 1994
Sponsors Agon Shu
Prize money 10,000,000 Yen ($86,000)
Affiliation Nihon Ki-in

The Agon Cup (阿含桐山杯) is a Go competition.


The Agon Cup is a Go competition endorsed by the Nihon Kiin. It was started in 1994 by Agon Shu. The name was originally the "Acom Cup" but it changed its sponsor in 1999 and became the Agon Cup. It is a single knockout tournament, but unlike the big titles in Japan, the title holder does not wait for a challenger, hence the difficulty of defending the title. The prize for the winner is 10,000,000 Yen ($86,000).

Past winners

Year Winner Runner-up
1994 O Rissei Cho Chikun
1995 Kato Masao Kobayashi Satoru
1996 Kato Masao Yoda Norimoto
1997 Yoda Norimoto Kato Masao
1998 Kobayashi Satoru Cho Chikun
1999 Kobayashi Koichi Takao Shinji
2000 Cho Sonjin Cho Chikun
2001 Cho Sonjin O Rissei
2002 Cho Chikun Cho U
2003 Kato Masao Cho U
2004 Hane Naoki Kobayashi Koichi
2005 Iyama Yuta Kobayashi Satoru
2006 Cho U Hane Naoki
2007 Cho U Cho Chikun
2008 Cho U Takanashi Seiken
2009 Hane Naoki Cho U
2010 Yamashita Keigo Cho Chikun
2011 Iyama Yuta Yamashita Keigo
2012 Cho U Rin Shien
2013 Murakawa Daisuke Shida Tatsuya
2014 Iyama Yuta Kono Rin
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