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Dogen Handa

Dogen Handa
Full name Dogen Handa
Kanji 半田道玄
Born October 25, 1915
Teacher Tamejiro Suzuki
Rank 9 dan

Dogen Handa (半田 道玄 Handa Dōgen, October 25, 1915 - April 13, 1974) also known as Hayami Handa, was a professional Go player.


Handa grew up as Tamejiro Suzuki's disciple. He would start as a pro in the Nihon Ki-in, but after the Kansai Ki-in's founding, he joined Utaro Hashimoto in the Kansai-Kiin. He became a 9p in 1959.

Titles & runners-up

Title Years Held
Current 6
Judan 1963
Oza 1960, 1965
KK Championship 1958, 1960, 1961
Title Years Lost
Current 5
Honinbo 1962
Judan 1962, 1964
Oza 1957, 1958
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