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Daisuke Murakawa

Daisuke Murakawa
Full name Daisuke Murakawa
Kanji 村川大介
Born December 14, 1990
Hyōgo, Japan
Teacher Naoki Moriyama
Turned pro 2002
Rank 8 dan
Affiliation Kansai Ki-in

Daisuke Murakawa (村川大介 Murakawa Daisuke, born December 14, 1990) is a professional Go player.


Murakawa was still just a 6th grader when he became a professional Go player at the Kansai Ki-in. He was only one month older than Iyama Yuta, making him the second youngest professional in Japan. This also made him the youngest Kansai Ki-in professional, edging out Yuki Satoshi by a small margin. Murakawa is the youngest ever tsumego (life and death) problem creator and number created. His rival is Iyama Yuta from the Nihon Ki-in who he defeated 2014 to become the Oza title holder. Murakawa is currently 8 dan. He has also won the Nagai award.

Titles and runners-up

Title Wins Runners-up
Oza 1 (2014)
Agon Cup 1 (2013)
Kansai Ki-in Championship 1 (2010) 2 (2011-2012)
Shinjin-O 1 (2011)
Total 4 2
Total 0 0
Total 0 0
Career total
Total 2 2
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