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French Go Federation

Fédération Française de Go
Formation 1978
Type Association
Headquarters Paris, France
Membership official French go clubs
Official language French
President Frédéric Renaud

The French Go Federation or Fédération Française de Go (FFG) is a French association (as per the 1901 law about association) that was founded in 1978. It obtained the "popular education and youth agreement" from the "Ministry of Health, Youth, Sport and Associative Life" in February 1991.

The FFG has been a member of the "Mind Games and Leisure Activities Confederation" (CLE) (a French confederation) since 1983, and is also affiliated to the European Go Federation.


In October 2008, the FFG was composed of 110 clubs, with more than 1,650 licensed players.

The FFG is divided into 9 regional leagues:


The FFG organises national events, and some for international players, for example:


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